The Guild of Masons, Paviours, Tylers, Bricklayers, Plaisterers, Joyners, Glaziors, Plombiers

& Wrights of Scotland.

Grand Sanhedrin of Scotland.

On Saturday 21st. June, the Grand Sanhedrin of Scotland held it’s 13th. Annual Assembly and on this occasion those present witnessed an historic occasion. Grand Sanhedrin was honoured with a visit from Brethren from the Grand Assemblage of the Worshipful Society of Free Masons, Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters, Paviours, Plaisterers and Bricklayers, also know as The Operatives.

The Grand First Master, VWB Kenneth A. Wilson was pleased to warmly welcome the Deputation from The Operatives consisting of RWB Nigel Willows 1st. Grand Master Mason, RWB James Turner 2nd. Grand Master Mason, RWB Terry Cooke 3rd. Grand Master Mason, RWB James J. Field the Grand Masters’ Supt. Of Works and RWB Paul Mycock Grand Clerk.

Prior to the Opening of Grand Sanhedrin, a Lodge of Passed Masters of the Guild was Opened and the Three Grand Masters of the Grand Sanhedrin were please to admit the English Deputation as Honorary Perfect Masters of the 7th. Degree.

After the main business of Grand Sanhedrin was concluded VWB Kenneth Wilson requested the Grand DC to present before him RWB Nigel Willows and it was his great pleasure to appoint RWB Nigel as an Honorary Grand Deacon of the Guild of the Grand Sanhedrin. RWB Nigel thanked Grand Sanhedrin for the Honour conferred upon him and requested that the respective Grand Clerks continue to explore further ways of bringing the two Grand Bodies together in closer unity.

In response to this request VWB Steve Forster, Grand Clerk to the Grand Sanhedrin and RWB Paul Mycock, Grand Clerk of Grand Assemblage have continued to work together and have recently agreed on the format of a Concordat which will come into being on October 1st. 2014 and includes such matters as Mutual Recognition, Territorial Jurisdiction, inter visitation between the two Bodies and their daughter Guild Lodges and Assemblages and further information will be posted on this site after that date.

While we know that the collective noun for a group of lions is a pride and that geese may form a gaggle, it is uncertain as to what the name of a collection of Scottish Grand Masters and English Grand Master Masons would be, perhaps a Forum or an Eminence, but nonetheless, as the photograph below illustrates, a large number of them were brought together at Grand Assembly.



Back Row from L to R.

Front Row from L to Right

VWB Kenneth D. Kennedy PGTM (GS)

RWB Terry Cooke – 3GMM (GA)

VWB John G. McMillan IPGFM (GS)

VWB Ian P. Duff – GTM (GS)

RWB Paul Mycock Grand Clerk (GA)              

RWB Nigel Willows – 1GMM (GA)

RWB James J. Fields – GMs. Supt. Works (GA)

VWB Kenneth A Wilson – GFM (GS)

VWB William Murray – PGFM (GS)

RWB James Turned 2GMM (GA)

VWB William S. Sommerville – PGFM (GS)

VWB. James M. Pettigrew (GS)

VWB Ian M. Will – PGFM (GS)


VWB James Main Hon GTM (GS)








On the Closing of Grand Sanhedrin it was the pleasure of the Scottish Brethren to have their English counterparts as guest at a buffet lunch. It is now expected that Grand Assemblage and Grand Sanhedrin will look forward to a long mutual and rewarding relationship and may God guide us in our labours.



The Harmony Board after the Meeting with additional Photographs

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